Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Needing Another Reliable Vehicle!

We praise the Lord for His gracious care and protection upon our whole family.  Last September 22 (Saturday night) after a family dinner treat by one of our friends here, we decided to stop by a mini-mart to buy some drinks.  As customary here, I parked by the sidewalk parking of the shop.  Normally, I would just park and wait for Daisy and the children to get into the store and pick up the drinks but I went out of the vehicle because I saw a missionary friend whom I haven't seen for s few years inside.  While we were inside praying with the friend, a loud collision impact was heard and I immediately heard my car alarm blaring.  We came out to see that a pickup truck has bump the behind of a motorcycle then shoved the motorcycle and its 2 passengers stopping only when it bumped into my car just a few inches away from the glass panels of the mini-mart.  The motorcycle was pushed and pinned under both vehicles with its front wheels under the car that bumped on us and the back wheel of the motorcycle under my car.  One on the motorcycle riders died on the spot and the other one was badly hurt and rushed to the hospital.  The driver of the car that caused the collision who was quite drunk was unharmed and tried to escape but was apprehended by the  people around and brought to the police station.  It was a scary moment just thinking what could have happened if the incident happened about 5-7 minutes earlier while my family was just getting out of the car.  We are very thankful to the Lord that no one among our family was hurt although our my car has sustained major body damages. 
Daisy, Liza and Ruth (Paul's girlfriend) took a taxi service home while Paul and I waited for the body of the dead victim to be taken by the family and for the police to make their reports.  At past midnight we were eventually allowed to leave with our vehicle but I was able only to drive my car just to the mechanic shop.  We do not have car insurance and the only way for us to make a collection from the driver of the vehicle that caused the collisions is to file a lawsuit in court (which is more pain than gain in these parts!).  
The car itself is 23 years old (1996 model) and I have been driving it for more than 13 years now.  (A replacement would be a wonderful blessing.)  The mechanics replaced the entire right wheel assembly (shocks, wheel support, stabilizers and break system costing a little less than US $900.  The vehicle is driveable at the moment!  However, the right passenger door, stepboard assembly, fender, windshield and front tire all need to be replaced!  

Please help us pray for an upgrade for our family vehicle.   

Friday, September 20, 2019

New School Year at AIC!

We haven't posted anything yet about the Awards Banquet 2019 at AIC but here we are with the new school year 2019-2020!
The school ministry is a ministry that we do not see much immediate results from but is a very needed one as Academy International Cambodia is a big blessing to many missionary families, the families of our Cambodian Pastors and is also instrumental in reaching unsaved children and unchurched families both locals and expats living in Phnom Penh.
We are very thankful for our group of teachers and supervisors who are serving sacrificially to help teach and train these children and  in reaching their families through our Christian school ministry.

Monday, July 08, 2019

CBBC Graduation 2019

The Cambodia Baptist Bible College graduation went well last July 4, 2019.  We had 7 graduates this year, 4 ladies and 3 men.  Missionary Dante Elupre was a real blessing in being our guest speaker for the graduation program.
This year’s Valedictorian is Sarai, a girl who was raised in our Power of Grace Children's Home!  We are so blessed and proud of her.  She is in the Philippines now wanting to become a professional teacher and educator.  We miss her helping around the Children’s Home and our church but we are praying that her present opportunities will greatly enlarge her potential for a greater impact in reaching more people in Cambodia in the future.  We greatly appreciate all the brethren who have been helping us at Cambodia Baptist Bible College and the Power of Grace Children's Home.  Big Thanks to our fellow missionaries and Cambodian Pastors in helping teach the students.  Special thanks to Missionary Edu Tamayo and Preacher Vanna for handling the day-to-day affairs of the college.