Tuesday, July 03, 2018

CBBC Graduation 2018!

Cambodia Baptist Bible College is a ministry that is of high value to us missionaries and to our purpose of reaching more Cambodians with the Gospel in a more effective manner.  Each year is culminated by the joyous occasion of witnessing our students receive their certificate of graduation for 3 years of academic and practical ministry instructions.  This year we have 8 students complete the requirements for graduation.  We congratulate all our fellow missionaries and our local pastors for their participation in the this great endeavor.  We are so very thankful to all our supporting friends and partner churches.  We are able to do this ministry because of the many people who pray for us on a consistent basis.  This year's graduation program was made special by the attendance of brethren from Callie Harbin Baptist Church of Villa Rica, Georgia, USA with their Pastor, Rev. Corey Gordon, giving the graduation message.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Maintenance, Repairs and Replacements!

 We thank the Lord and all of our friends and supporting churches for Power of Grace Children's Home.  The past few months, we did have sufficient for our basic necessities.  Hopefully our support level will stabilize.  However, emergency situations do knock us off balance every now and then.  At this time, we need some extra funds for overall building maintenance and repairs as well as equipment repairs or even replacement.  Our building is 10 years old now and an overall maintenance is long overdue.  One of our vans (a 21-year old Korean van) is in the shop having major engine and body repairs at this moment!  We definitely need some financial help for these needs.