Thursday, February 07, 2019

Sheena May and Yerisha - Chapel Special Number!

This chapel special number by Sheena May Sandoy and Yerisha Suong is a real special blessing to me and all the staff of Academy International Cambodia.  I'm so regretful I did not prepare my camera before the song started.  The voice quality and rendition are a true rarity in this part of the world.  Thank you very much Sheena May and Yerisha for blessing our hearts today.

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

The Blessing of Giving!

We always say; "Christmas is the season of giving"!  We commemorate God's giving of His only begotten Son by giving to others so they could feel the warmth of what it means to be loved.  We are so thankful to the brethren from Grace Baptist Church - Powder Springs, GA, Callie Harbin Baptist Church - Villa Rica, GA and Waterloo Baptist Church - Chula, GA for their generous gift for our children at  Power of Grace Children's Home.  Through such gifts we were able to buy several sets of clothes, watches and toys for all the children.  We also had a special Christmas program and party with a sumptuous meal.  Thanks so much brethren for your kindness and care for these children.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Cambodia Student Convention 2018

We praise the Lord for His blessings upon us at Academy International Cambodia. AIC has been instrumental in presenting the Gospel of salvation and also in ushering several students and their families to our friend’s churches in the city.  Last December 4-7, we held the Cambodia Student Convention at the “the Highlands Cambodia”.  Our students enjoyed very much the competitions in academics, platform skills and various sports.  We felt kind of proud of course, watching our students excel in various talents and skills that are profitable for ministry such as singing, use of musical instruments and in public speaking.